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07.01.2020   Did you survive? ;) Ok, well! Welcome in 0202 !!

                        Before to continue, note it: SECOND ALBUM in progress!! ;)

                        Yeah papy!! Very soon we will enter the holy bunker to record!! B)

23.12.2019   Hey, hey, hey... We don't know if to wish "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy                           New Year!" is rock or what... :) But... May be it is if, before the big wave                           of the end of the year, we wish to you the best light in your minds and in                           your hearts... For now, and forever!

10.10.2019   Damn it!! So fire for our last show on stage (03.10.19 Foire Du Valais,                               Espace Tribu, Martigny VS CH) ! Really great!!

                       Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!

                       We have so much to give and to receive!

                       Keep the wave: good new is coming these next months! ;P

13.09.2019   Be focused! Our last 2019 live we'll be in Wallis at 3th of octobre! After                             that, you'll have to wait few months to meet us on stage! Why??                                         Surprise!  ;)

                       In waiting,come on to share music and love in France: we'll play at The                             Doxaty (Annemasse FR) !    B)

06.07.2019   Preparing a rock set with the amazing drummer Jonathan Ancel!! B) Too

                        excited to be on the stage!!!

09.03.2019   Proud to collaborate with the new institution BigFamRecords ! We wish                          a big wave for them as for us!   :)

13.02.2019   We are very honored to present to you the new clip of the single "First"

                       maked by the great artist Andréanne OBERSON! This clip is a real                                     jewelry!!  

03.02.2019  Hey people, we are very proud to present to you our new logo by the

                       young and already famous Fiona Delaloye!! B) Check her website!


15.12.2018   People, yesterday we offered our last show 2018 with real special gifts:   

                      new song, new style, new energies. "Rock", "garage", "stoner": call it as you

                      want: it was music. Sincerly thank you for your support!! Love! 

 03.06.2018   The summer is coming... B) And new inspirations too: we begon to walk

                          on new ways. For us, for you: hoping you will enjoy it! We'll show to you   

                          that at the end of the year of course. ;)

                          But in waiting this time, we'll meet you during the next concerts! :)

07.08.2018   Ladies and gentlemen, please let us to present our new clip "Ure Moon"!! 

                        Please, share it! ;)


23.07.2018   Wherever you are: have nice holidays in music!!


17.04.2018   We have to recognize one big amazing thing: your LOVE!!!

                        From concerts to concerts, you give us so much!

                        Thank you for your welcome wherever we go!!



Opening of the new album "All is Wrong" !!

Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 21:00 at Le Calembour (Aigle VD).

With Joshua Hawlett opening!

Album "All is Wrong" by Ana and The Black Mamba

designed by Pablo SAUDAN

 28.03.2017  Album "5G" by Oreph Neumann is now available here! And on the

                           websites as Spotify, iTunes and others of course!


 01.02.2017  Olivier aka "Oliver Dynamite" embarkes on a few artistic projects. Don't

                           worry! "Sex, drugs and rockNroll!" being in order: it will move!  ;)

 20.01.2017  Aurélien, aka "Oreph Neumann", is on a big personnal project: an

                           album will be born as soon! "5G" is the name. 

 10.01.2017   Happy dark year!! :) The light will be shine at the end of the winter... ;)

 06.11.2016   Go go go to thefamous IS Production (Aigle CH)! The band is working in

                             the box!  

                             Ezdin Sebaiai (cajòn), and Christophe Huet (bass) joined us to serve you!                              Surprises coming! ;)


 02.10.2016   We were in Paname for a show!! Paris!! France!! Amazing trip! :)

 30.09.2016  Oliver is coming back: more in fire than ever! Too excited to shake his                                    adventures in the new songs!

 30.08.2016  If you have a doubt: Jonas and Khalid stay at home to work and to drive

                             the ATBM ship! ;)

 13.08.2016  Aurélien is now in Brussels (Belgium) for few months to eat                      

                            some Belgian sounds knowledge, frites, and to drink the famous biers!                                   Come back to us with some "blondes" man! :)

 01.07.2016   Jonas SCHALLER  is now an ATBM member, his weapons are                

                             harmonica and  guitar... Power, power, power! And love of course! 

 03.06.2016   Olivier went to Peru for few months. But don't worry:  Ana and The                                       Black Mamba stays  on the music wave and on the road! ;)  

                              Stay in touch! Peace!  

 03.03.2015   CD 6 songs "First" by Ana And The Black Mamba

 available on Spotify - Google Play - iTunes - Amazone - Deezer  and others...  or contact us.

 18.12.2014        Release "First" CD 6 songs ... 

 19.05.2017   Big funny jump in the screen to prepare the video clip for the new song of

                        the band! ;) By and with IS Production. Special thanks to the great actors! :)











24.09.2017   At the movie studio with the ISProd team for 3 live shows! :) Wich songs?                           ... Hehe, you'll hear! ;)









16.08.2017   Mix and mastering of the songs are finished!

                       Thank you to Lingom Thierry (ISProduction) for the recording and to                                   Aurélien Bertinotti for the mix! 

                       The design of the pic's album is provided by the great Pablo Saudan! 

14.07.2017   The album is performing: mix, mastering and blablabla... So excited! :)

 13.06.2017   Video clip for our new single is ready! Next weeks will be surprising! 

                        Ok, ok, ok... You want to know something, I understand... 

                        Name of the song? "Judge and accused"!  ;)

 10.12.2017   NEW ALBUM "All is Wrong" will be available on 15.12.2017  :)

 13.11.2017   "Judge and Accused" single + video available right now! :)     click here

 08.11.2017   NEW SINGLE + CLIP "Judge and Accused" announced on 13.11.17 ! B) 



04.11.2018   Hey! Hey! Hey! ... You know the song, discover the clip! "Darkin callin"

27.01.2019  The 2019 tour has officially started in Lausanne yesterday in a very "chill

                      atmosphere"! Check our next dates!! :)


2019 Switzerland

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